Saturday, January 15, 2011

Favorite CDing Stuff

Rockin' Green detergent - this stuff truely rocks!  We now use it for all of our laundry and the scents are just yummy!

Wool Dryer Balls - there are many WAHM shops online to order these from but I made my own.  I currently have 6 of them bouncing around in my dryer and man do they cut down on drying time.

Wool in general - I love my wool soakers and longies.  All of the ones I have I made out of old sweaters and once lanolized they are bulletproof over a fitted diaper.  They are awesome when K has a bit of a rash, between the fitted diaper and wool cover they really let his little tush breathe.

Hemp - I love my hemp inserts. They're nothing fancy, just some I sewed up in a hurry but they're great for overnight.  One of these days I'm really going to just get rid of all the microfiber and make the switch to all natural fibers (MF just tends to hold on to stink and it can be annoying)

I also love my planetwise hanging wetbag (or really just any large wetbag with a handle to hang from a doorknob).  We have one in the bathroom for those poopy diapers that need to be dunked so we don't have to carry them dripping wet all the way back to K's room to the diaper pail.  They're just so stinkin' handy and are also great for trips.

I have more I could add to this list but for once J says he's going to mop up the muddy pawprints from the kitchen floor so I'd better go keep an eye on K before he changes his mind.