Friday, October 1, 2010

DIY Laundry Detergent

Until recently we have been using Planet Detergent for washing K's diapers and I loved it, but here lately they just haven't been smelling as clean as I would like.  So I went on a search for something new.  I narrowed it down to either wanting to try Rockin' Green (because I've heard so many raves about it) and just making my own.  After talking it over with the hubby we decided to try making our own first and if it didn't work then we'd order some Rockin' Green. 

Well, lets just say that so far I'm impressed!  Not only is it super cheap and easy to make, but the 2 loads of diapers that I've washed so far don't have any sort of smell coming out of the washer (I think part of our problem here is hard water).  So for now I'm totally sold on making our own, and I just might start making our own for washing the rest of our clothes too.

I got the recipe from The Eco-Friendly Family blog.

The recipe is posted in the link above.